After having worked on your profile, you will need to vehiculate a good image to your clients and potential clients. Bear in mind that when you are working as an independent professional, you need to behave like one. Remember that when working on Crème de la Crème, you may find a future job or another opportunity thanks to a freelance mission.


1 - Your LinkedIn profile

You should add that you are a Crème de la Crème freelance consultant to your Linkedin profile and explain the kind of missions that you have done. Why is it helpful? Recruiters are searching keywords on LinkedIn in order to find the right profile. Hence, you will increase your visibility and your chances of being contacted thanks to this little hack!


Here are the possible job titles you can put :

  • "Freelance Consultant @ Crème de la Crème" if you are working mainly on market research/business plan/growth hacking/content management / etc
  • "Freelance Developer (Web / App / UX / UI) @ Crème de la Crème" if you are an IT freelancer.
  • "Freelance Designer @ Crème de la Crème" if you are completing such missions.

You may as well say when you are available. e.g "I am available for the next X months and you can reach me on"


To illustrate our words, here is how you could describe your missions :




2 - Your professionalism


When talking to a potential client on Crème de la Crème's messaging feature, you always need to be polite and respectful. You should start by talking in a formal manner before adapting your ways of talking if you can. Finally, you should start by using "I remain at your disposal for further information, Best regards, Name" as a first approach.


When meeting a client


A client meeting is a great opportunity for you: he will remember you more strongly after that. But in order to succeed in this exercise you should follow these rules:


  • Adapt your outfit to your job and to the company. People won't have the same expectations expect the same manners from a web developer than from someone working in Sales. Following the same line of thoughts, if you are meeting with a big corporation they will be more strict than a casual startup.
  • Adapt your calendar to the one of your potential clients. Bear in mind that everyone is working on a tight schedule....
  • If you have an unexpected event that makes you cancel the meeting, which can happen, communicate it to your client as soon as possible. Call him(her) and if (s)he doesn't answer leave him(her) a voicemail and an email so that you make sure the client will know that you cannot make it.
  • Be prepared!


Your Attitude


At Crème de la Crème we believe that you are an asset for every company. Have confidence and faith in your skills. You are amongst the greatest students in the world. Act like one. Current firms are waiting for talents like you to apprehend this new digital world. And at Crème de la Crème, our team is here to empower you during this process. Every day, we are developing guides and producing content to help in becoming the best freelancer possible. As we said, remain polite and respectful, make good use of your skills and you will be a pillar for both Crème de la Crème and the clients you will be working with.




Watch out your spelling. We can't stress this enough, but spelling mistakes are not very professional. Mistakes can always happen of course, but please do not write things like "looking forward to hearing from you".




A firm works every day with hundreds of people. You are not their only working contact. Whenever you call a client, always:


  • Give your First AND Last Name
  • Who you are (i.e freelancer at Crème de la Crème)
  • Which mission did you apply for
  • The reason of your call



3 - Tips Crème de la Crème


We constantly publish articles on Crème de la Crème's blog that might worth of interest to you. Try these ones for instance:


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