As you will understand, this is the most crucial point of the mission. It has to be concise, detailed, meticulously prepared and coherent. There's no way to send a quote without having talked with the client. Ideally, the quote is sent after being done with the Scope Statement/Technical Specification step.

The less precise it is, the less chances you have of being selected by the client.

1 - The description

It should be a reflection of your scope statement, with all the information we described in the previous article. This is the contract that will bound you with the client and to that extent will protect you in the event of a dispute.

All you need to know about the Scope Statement

2 - The price

We are here to help you with the pricing ! Your hourly price has to be a reflection of the mix between your experience, your skills and your specialty. For your first quote, our team can help you, but as a freelancer you will need to be autonomous to do this.

Hourly Price

Here are the prices we recommend depending on the type of work you will have to conduct. If you are still unsure about your first quote, reach out to other people of the community thanks to our Facebook Group ! Here are the recommended prices:

NB: When sending a quote, don't mention Crème de la Crème's commission or taxes: it doesn't look professional. The client already knows about the commission and your potential taxes when agreeing to work with you.

3 - What is Crème de la Crème's business model ?

Crème de la Crème takes an 18% fee on the payment you will receive. It includes the diverse taxes to be paid, the banking fees we pay on each transaction and AXA (our insurance). Take that information into account when sending a quote as you may wanna include it in your calculations.

4 - Tips

If you need a certain amount of time to make your quote, share it with the client ! Your relationship has to be transparent and the client should be aware that it will take you a couple of days to formalize a commercial proposition. As soon as it is ready send him a message or call him to warn him.

Be careful ! By saying your price too early, you may lose in the negotiation process (by saying your price is €25/hour, you might end up being paid €18/hour). State your price once you've defined the scope statement with the client.

5 - Taxes on quote

As a freelancer, you do not pay tax on your quote (e.g VAT in the UK). So you should leave that spot blank when sending your quote.

If you have another juridical status (e.g LLC) you need to add the percentage of tax that concerns your entity.

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