Once signed up on the platform, the first thing you undoubtedly should do is to start by filling out the different categories of your profile. A client has access to freelancers applying to his mission and will receive up to 5 different applications: with a well-rounded profile, it is you he/she will remember.

1 - Photo

Why? A picture reflects confidence, reassures and enables a client to visually connect with you.

How? Directly from your profile settings. Be careful though: the file must not exceed 4 MB.

What type? It is important that your picture looks professional, as on Linkedin. Pick a picture on which you're smiling with a simple and plain background. Restrain from going with a picture from last summer on which you cropped your friend and are wearing sunglasses😉

2 - Social Media

In order for your client to understand how you work, it is important that you paste links to your Twitter, Behance, Github accounts,...

3 - Profile Summary

Your summary is of utmost importance, especially if you're about to start and do not have recommandations yet. It must give a quick recap of your academic/professional background . You may include the following items:

  • Your academic background + major: in case you have a double degree, you should mention it here.
  • 2 to 3 of your most relevant work experiences (which you'll be able to detail in the "career" tab)
  • A couple of missions you've worked on
  • Your skills and competencies
  • Your working method (with clients)

Your profile is then split into 3 categories:


Be sure to include your skills and number of work hours available per week. In order to chance any information, you need to click on your photo (top right corner of the screen).

Do not forget to also include if you're looking for an internship or work placement. Freelance missions often lead to great opportunities... 😉


Feel free to mention and detail all your professional work experiences: time spent at the company, tasks you were in charge of, the added-value you brought and how it's helped you improve.

You can also mention the different schools you attended, the majors you were enrolled in, and degrees you acquired.


This section is your chance to display to clients what missions you've accomplished in the past.

For instance, include the link to a website you built from scratch, a graphic charter for a company you made, videos you created,... Clients LOVE to see what future potential freelancers have concretely worked on previously!

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