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CFE : Cotisation Foncière des Entreprises

What is it? How do I fill it in?

The Cotisation Foncière des Entreprises (CFE) is a contribution required by your city, and it appears on your auto-entrepreneur status. The rate varies according to your city: the bigger the city, the cheaper the CF, because it considers that you have more competition than in a small city.

It's not the auto-entrepreneur registration that triggers the CFE but the fact that you have a turnover. You will pay the CFE at the end of the year. So if you were profitable in January 2018, you would have to pay the CFE in December 2019.

⚠️ The CFE is changing in 2019! If you obtain your auto-entrepreneur status in 2018 and 2019, you make less than 5,000€ in turnover; you will be exempt from the CFE.

You will receive a questionnaire from the taxes by email. You must send it back, even if you haven't made any turnover,

Updated on: 18/01/2023

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